AA Program - Action and Awareness

“Everyone has the power to impact the outcome of his life. The way to do it is to focus on today. Today is the only time you have. It’s too late for yesterday, and you can’t depend on tomorrow. “ John C. Maxwell

What would your life look like if you every day you were able to focus on just those things that really mattered, the ones that really make your life, your day worthwhile?  We all want to have a good day but not everyone knows how to be intentional about making every day a good day.

This 6 month email is program designed to increase awareness of how to take control of your daily agenda, make time for the people and activities you love and find greater success in your career. Once a week an email will arrive and each email will consist of an insight summary, some questions to answer (just for you, I don’t see your answers) and then one action item for the week for improvement. Once a month, we will have a group call to see where everyone is with the program, discuss our sticking points and celebrate our wins.

First you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to this email program. Your first week’s worksheets will arrive on the day following your subscription confirmation and every 7 days after that for 26 weeks. Time commitment is about 15-20 minutes once per week.

Enrollment Fee: $500+$65 (HST) for 26 week email program plus 6 monthly group calls

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AAA-Action, Awareness and Accountability

If you feel that you need a push now and then to keep you on track and doing what you promised yourself you would and to get the most out of this investment, then may I suggest the AAA Program: Action, Awareness and Accountability. In addition to the above AA Program, you will also receive a 15 minute one-on-one micro-coaching session every week through out the entire 6 month program. You can talk about what your action steps are for the week and anything that may keep you from moving forward or any other topic that you feel you need to discuss.

Enrollment Fee: $1500+$195 (HST) for everything included in the AA Program plus weekly one-on-one micro-coaching call

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