Intentional Thinking

“The Intentional Mindset Program has helped me to understand that there are no limits to my true potential. As a result, I see new opportunities in every aspect of my life. It has become a daily practice for me to set goals and take action rather than getting stuck in my intentions.”   
H. P.

Are you ready to go from:

  • Wanting to change to actually changing?
  • Envisioning your goal to actually achieving it?
  • Being the person you are right now to becoming the person you want to be?
  • Breaking through your ‘Immunity to Change’ to experiencing the real FREEDOM to do, be or have anything you want?

The Intentional Thinking Program developed by Les Brown and his business partner, Paul Martinelli is a powerful deep dive into the strategies that create REAL and LASTING results in your life.

In the Intentional Thinking Program,

You will learn:

• Understand Your Purpose, Vision and Goals
• How Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
• Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
• The Terror Barrier– Our Immunity to Change
• The Four Pillars of Drama
• Humility and Forgiveness are Two Sides of the Same Coin
• Realizing Your Unlimited Potential- You Are Perfect
• Using Giving to Start the Receiving Process

and much more!
Year Long Rolling Program          √  12 modules
√ Fully developed curriculum         √ Live call every month
√ Q&A on every call                          √ All calls are recorded
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Mindset Mastery Programs

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