We have all had those times when we have stepped in the cow pie of life. What we think we are saying is not what is being received.

Coca-Cola learned this one the hard way. Coca-Cola wanted to be known as a “family” beverage. And the Coca-Cola Headquarters is in Atlanta – a city known for traditional values. What might seem as resolution to one problem actually created another, bigger problem in perception. Each morning, hundreds of Coke employees drove to work with their red parking tag hanging on the rear-view mirror.

No problem, right? After all, you needed the tag to enter the company parking lot. Well, to ease the parking situation, Coke employees would park in the lots of businesses that were closed during the day and take the shuttle to work. Not a big deal really. Except for one parking lot… at a strip club called the Cheetah. People passing by would see all these cars parked in the parking lot with the red Coca-Cola employee tag hanging in the front windscreen, all day long. Not exactly the image the Coca-Cola wanted to portray.

Everything you do, or don’t do. Everything you say, or don’t say. It all sends a message. Good communication is not about what you say or want people to hear. It’s about what they actually receive or hear. Your actions speak louder than your words.

Making a connection and having our message strike the right note begins with 3 things:

  • Understanding the other person and what they value and why
  • Finding common values to build on
  • Being authentic in expressing your values

Everyone messes up sometime but most people will forgive you for being human if you are authentic in recognizing when you have made an error and act to rectify the situation. And if you have been consistent in the past by being authentic and open about who you are and why you value what you do.

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photo credit: Len Radin via photopin cc



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