Malcolm Gladwell stated that to become an expert, you need to have 10,000 of hours invested.  Those 10,000 hours are repeated acts of practicing a craft.  Thomas Edison tried 2,000 times before he perfected the filament in an incandescent bulb.  Failed attempts at something are merely practices for that victory.

Look at a baby taking her first step.  Wobbly legs and lack of balance coupled with lots of falls.  That baby is determined to walk.  There is an innate desire to walk.  An insatiable desire to walk.  She practices holding on to tables, chairs, anything to stabilize as she moves about and then finally she takes that first step only to fall back onto her bottom.  She gets up and tries again.  Many days and weeks and even months pass and then she picks up the pace and turns those steps into runs.  Have you observed a toddler running for the first time?  He usually stumbles over his feet and loses his balance and falls again.  And gets up and tries it over and over.  Some take it to the next level and run as sport and then run professionally.

Take running a marathon as an example.  You can’t get up one day and say you’re going to run a marathon this weekend without training for it.  Your body will shut down early on depending on your physical capabilities.  Marathon runners train for weeks and weeks on end slowly building up their stamina and distance in preparation for the big day.  They practice. They practice a lot!

Look at your goals. Look at your passion and purpose in life.  Are you practicing for that victory?  Are you working every day to achieve that life you desire?  Are you focused on the end goal?

Success is met with a lot of failures.  Those who succeed persevered through the failures continually practicing for that success.  Look at your life and write down those acts that you perform on a daily basis and have or are in the process of perfecting.  This could be forgiveness, your profession, a hobby, guilt, love, whatever it may be – look at those things you do on a regular basis and then look at your purpose, vision and goals in life and see if they match up.  If not, then make a conscientious change today to practice what is going to move you to your goals.

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