Self-knowledge is key to achieving growth.  Adopting others’ definitions of success as our own is not a formula for growth.  Our beliefs have a huge impact on how we perceive success and how we move forward.  Our values and beliefs may not match those of people we think are successful and therefore we need to be aware of what is truly important to us to achieve success.

Societies are made up of many differing types of people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Some types are more suited for particular tasks and by understanding this, we can open our minds to our own growth potential.

Diving deeper into differing types of people, we can appreciate those gifts each has and that appreciation and understanding empowers us with the knowledge of why people react in certain situations.  Better understanding our environment and each other, we can work together toward a common goal.

Balance within us is crucial to our growth.  We have strengths and weaknesses that require equal billing to increase our awareness and understanding.  This means that focusing only on strengths and ignoring weaknesses causes an imbalance.  Recognizing strengths and weaknesses, embracing them and then supplementing weaknesses with others’ strengths in a team effort is highly effective.

The importance to growth is to not hide behind weaknesses but to embrace them, strengthen them either through inner reflection or by supplementing them in a team environment.

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