When setting goals, a secret ingredient is to visualize attaining the goal, keeping the thought of the end result in the forefront of the mind.  Visualize holding that trophy, moving into that house, sitting at the promoted desk, holding a loved one’s hand while taking vows… whatever the goal is – visualize the end result.

See your goal in complete detail.  Write it down.  Draw it.  Create a vision board so you can look at it as often as you want to remind yourself why you are doing all the smaller steps to get there.

Visualizing becomes a part of your here and now and allows your mind to accept the goal as if it has already been achieved.  You will begin to see opportunities that were always there but are now noticeable.  You will be able to accept new challenges and new ideas because you already see yourself at the finish line.

Visualization is what allowed everything around you to become real.  Everything started as an idea in someone’s mind and then became a real tangible thing. It was first visualized and then it was created physically.

This technique is highly effective and a very worthy exercise in achieving your desires and dreams.

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