Worthy Ideal

Webster defines “ideal” as a standard of perfection, beauty or excellence; an ultimate object or aim of endeavor.  A worthy ideal is more than a goal – it is that which inspires the soul to move onward and upward to a greater awareness of the sheer beauty and abundance of life – real life.

How do we develop this?  What is the process to define our own personal worthy ideal?

The first step is to allow ourselves to be completely free, relaxed and quiet.  Our minds need to be quieted from all the endless chatter it experiences throughout the day and night.  Even in our sleep our minds are working.

Meditation is an age old practice to quiet one’s mind.  There are many ways to meditate – laying still, focusing on breathing, walking, sitting, standing, holding a yoga pose, soaking in a tub…  the main ingredient is to be in a place of quietness and safety; a place where one can allow the mind to wander.

When this is achieved, the next step is to begin the creative process of imagining.  What is that one thing you want to accomplish before you leave this world?  What is that idea you have been thinking about since you were a child but were told it was impossible? What is that one idea that is so far out, so out of the norm, so “pie in the sky” that you have suppressed it and only dreamt of it as an unrealistic fantasy? Begin there.

Through visualization, become emotionally involved with your worthy ideal. Be one with this thought, this idea, this fantasy of yours. Make the decision to take time every day to meditate on your worthy ideal. Commit this to paper – write out in full detail what this looks like, how you feel, who you are.  Define your worthy ideal and refer to it frequently throughout the day.

Emotional attachment to your worthy ideal will energize you to change your behavior. As your behaviors change, your results change and your worthy ideal, your standard of perfection and ultimate object or aim of endeavor will become your reality.



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